Natural Breast Enhancement

larger breasts without surgeryWeight gain is probably the most common natural breast enhancement effect. Although this approach is quite productive for women, who are slim and slightly built or who are in the boundary condition, so weight gain can be an ideal option to increase the bust, but not for everyone. But if you can structure your body, consider inclusion of high-calorie, healthy foods into your daily diet.


Many women avoid breast feeding of their babies because they are afraid that this may cause it to sag. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that breastfeeding has an adverse effect on the shape and size. Namely, your breasts will stay healthy throughout the period of lactation, which means avoiding breastfeeding not give any benefits to mothers who made their choice in favor of artificial feeding.

Eat Tofu for natural breast enhancement

Tofu and other minimally processed soy foods, known to be effective for herbal breast enhancement, can help you enlarge breasts without surgery by increasing elaboration of the reproductive hormone estrogen. Soy is an excellent source of isoflavones – plant compounds that mimic human estrogen. Although soybeans are considered as a potential drug for breast growth, but its effectiveness is still only theoretical. Other useful benefits of soy to the body include its ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of various cancers.

Natural breast enhancement supplements

There are several different nutritional supplements, such as Breast Actives herbal pills and others based on herbs, which can help you increase the breast, increasing the body levels of certain hormones. For example, licorice root increases the level of prolactin and estrogen, which is closely linked with the growth of breasts. Certain hormonal effect has an herbal compound anethole, which is composed of fennel and anise. Others are rich in estrogen herbs include Blessed thistle and red clover. Use this method only if you are free of any medical condition that requires prescription drugs, since the uncontrolled taking of herbs can cause unexpected interactions with prescription medication.

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